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Anti Snoring Aid

Anti Snoring Aid

Welcome to a world without snoring!


Anti Snoring Device AVEOtsd us a medical device used for treating problem snoring and it requires correct positioning for best results.


As you achieve comfort, it is likely there will be a reduction in any sudden awakening or gasping for aur during sleep. This will mean a good night's rest, giving you more energy through the day and a feeling of improved well-being. It also provide less disturbance for your partner.



- Precision made for comfort

- Manuactured from Highest Grade Medical Silicone

- Non invasive

- Perfected in clinical trials over 5 years by specialist Dr Chris Robertson

- Discreet, convenient and portable

- Warranty

- Good night and goodbye to snoring


    HK$700.00 Regular Price
    HK$650.00Sale Price
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